What is the Narcotics Anonymous



NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using. We suggest that you keep an open mind and give yourself a break. Our program is a set of principles written so simply that we can follow them in our daily lives. The most important thing about them is that they work. 


There are no strings attached to NA. We are not affiliated with any other organizations. We have no initiation fees or dues, no pledges to sign, no promises to make to anyone. We are not connected with any political, religious, or law

enforcement groups, and are under no surveillance at any time. Anyone may join us regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion.

Who can be a member?


Desire is our only requirement. Addiction does not discriminate. Any addict, regardless of drugs used, race, religious beliefs, sex, sexual preference, or financial condition is free to practice the NA way of life. With “… a desire to stop using” as the only requirement for membership, one addict is never superior to another. All addicted persons are welcome and equal in obtaining the relief that they are seeking from their addiction; every addict can recover in this program on an equal basis.


Membership in Narcotics Anonymous is not automatic when someone walks in the door or when the newcomer decides to stop using. The decision to become a part of our Fellowship rests with the individual. Any addict who has a desire to stop using can become a member of NA. We are addicts, and our problem is addiction.

The 12 Steps are our solution!


Our program of recovery from the disease of addiction begins with the identification we find with others in our meetings. Very simply, other addicts like ourselves that have been where we have, yet have found a daily reprieve from what was once a hopeless cycle of getting and using, and finding the ways and means to get more. 


We feel that our approach to the disease of addiction is completely realistic, for the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. We feel that our way is practical, for one addict can best understand and help another addict.


Recovery progresses when we find another recovering addict to sponsor us in practicing the principles found in the program of Narcotics Anonymous. A sponsor guides us by example, sharing their experience, strength, and hope in all aspects of recovery, but primarily concerning the 12 steps.

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